Personal Injury Lawyer Tyler Moffitt Explains Steps If Hurt In A Car Accident During Sept

Tyler Moffitt from The Atlanta Injury Law Group warns those who have been injured that the steps they take over the following months are crucial to getting compensation

With school carpools back in session, days becoming shorter, end-of-summer road trips, Labor Day weekend, and changing weather, September has been named the most dangerous month to drive consistently year over year. Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer Tyler Moffitt from The Atlanta Injury Law Group warns those who have been injured that the steps they take over the following months are crucial to getting back on their feet and recovering from the physical and financial stress of a car accident injury.


Prioritize Your Health

If you’ve been injured in an automobile accident, your priority must be getting adequate medical treatment for your injuries. Some injuries, like broken bones or cuts, are obvious to recognize. Others, such as brain trauma or back pain, are more difficult to uncover but equally critical to address.

Be outspoken about getting proper care. If you feel even the slightest worry or symptom, communicate it to your medical provider and listen to their professional recommendation. Being thorough is essential for your health, but it is also important for documenting the harm you suffered as a result of an accident.

Act Quickly

If possible, DO NOT wait for the medical bills to pile up and the stress to build. The last thing you need while recovering from an injury is the added weight of financial pressure. Partnering with an attorney will immediately provide you with an ally who can share the legal burden of an accident with you. You don’t want to face insurance parties and complications alone.

It’s true – seeking out an attorney’s help may feel overwhelming, but immediate legal counsel could save you from far more trouble down the road. The right attorney will have the time and energy to fight for your just compensation. 

Protect Your Case

Immediately following an accident, insurance companies will want to contact you for a statement on the incident – exactly when you are most vulnerable. DO NOT provide any sort of statement, even to your own insurance agency. Their only interest is to minimize the coverage that they must pay out, so they will often try to manipulate your comments to put you at fault.

Instead, tell insurance adjusters that you will not provide any word on the incident until consulting your attorney. If you have already spoken to the insurance companies before soliciting the help of an attorney, make sure to run any future communication through your legal counsel first.

Find an Experienced Attorney

After an auto accident, you might be facing one or more of the following difficulties: 

Settling property damage claims

Working with your insurance company to cover costs of an uninsured motorist

Repairing your vehicle

Obtaining money or coverage for a rental car

Monetary recovery (via a lawsuit or settlement with the insurance company)

Negotiating and reducing the financial impact of medical obligations

With so many considerations at play, you’ll want an attorney with a proven track record in the personal injury arena. 

“Recovering compensation for car accident injuries can be a daunting feat,” explains car accident lawyer Tyler Moffitt. “The insurance companies only turn a profit by underpaying claims. They have teams of lawyers and adjusters working to try to get injured parties to settle for less than they ought to. You deserve legal representation with the experience to go up against these companies and get you the compensation you truly deserve.”

If you have been injured in a car accident in Georgia, time is of the essence. Contact The Atlanta Injury Law Group right away for a free consultation to discuss your car accident injuries and determine your next steps.

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